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about us

We are a passionate sales professionals team using cutting-edge technology to provide you with leads and market insights. We came together to help young, innovative companies get their first clients and become well known in the market.

ID Leads specializes in B2B lead generation, qualified appointment setting and sales. In other words: our experienced team of Researchers, SDR’s and Marketing professionals will find new opportunities and penetrate new markets at half the cost of having an in-house team.

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Our Services

World-Class B2B Appointment Setting

Lead generation

The process of building the right relationship with your customer starts with the right onboarding process. Our dedicated research team will help you to design the Ideal Customer Profile and find companies that fit those parameters. A full-time Researcher focuses on finding relevant potential customers based on your identified target accounts and deliver them to your sales team.

Sales development

Reaching the right target audience with the right messaging is a skill that requires experience, focus and time. ID Leads is an expert in B2B lead generation services and developing new business prospect opportunities. You'll get your own experienced Search & Development team that set appointments. Extensive B2B sales experience combined with cutting edge technology brings you fast and predictable results. Focus your efforts on closing deals.

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ID Leads will provide you with a fresh, independent vision and sales strategy. Our team can quickly test new niches and identify your future markets. We'll tweak the marketing plan to help achieve results. Review your ongoing sales process, making it more efficient and profitable.

How it works?

Why choose us?

Experienced team

More than 10 years of experience in B2B sales

Result oriented

We are focused on long term relationships with our customers

Full integration

We are very flexible and we can work in any enviroment

Scalable team

As you company grows - we increase our support

Weekly reports

You'll get reports about our result weekly, so you can clearly understand the process

24/7 support

You are able to get in touch with our representatives anytime

We booked meetings with

ID Leads books 1000+ per year

Boost mobile

US telco provider


A global leader in delivering superior communications experiences

BNP Paribas

A French international banking group

AT & S

Technology leader in the PCB industry


Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer

Deutsche telekom

German telecommunications company


Latest news, business, sport


American basic cable and satellite television news channel


Consumer division of financial services


European leading media group


French automotive manufacturer

otp bank

One of the largest independent financial services providers

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